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Guangzhou Kingbot Animation Technology has been an authentic Arcade tickets manufacturers from China. We hold a prominent position among Arcade gaming tickets manufacturing. Generally, we are serving entertainment machine installed at different public venues like restaurants, cinemas or bars. These arcade tickets and gaming machines involve a wide range of video games like pinball and the player is rewarded with redemption tickets according to the score in the game. Higher the score greater will be the number of tickets which can be later redeemed at a certain location for prizes. The most common spots for arcade tickets for games belong to amusement and leisure industry to reward the players with redemption arcade tickets bearing the operator’s name or logo, giving a highly positive impression on the players.

Custom Arcade Tickets

Kingbot Animation Technology is one of the ideal arcade tickets manufacturers; trying the best for custom redemption arcade tickets now and know why we are considered one of the reliable company in the industry. We have a highly qualified and skilled team of professionals who excel in professional designing required for customized long tickets. Clients can customize the design, layout, color and other specifications according to their need. Custom arcade tickets are ideal for promoting any special event and leaving a lasting impression on players. Our Custom redemption arcade tickets bear a serial number, barcode, logo and other security features if needed. All of these features are arranged according to the client’s demand. Clients can also add or subtract specifications as per their taste. The final outcome results in a quality arcade tickets product with guaranteed accuracy, delivered by our high-quality customer service.

Long Arcade Tickets Specifications

• Special Features
• Customizable colors
• Appealing designs
• Best Quality dust-free coating
• Dispenser friendly
• Serial numbers and barcode
• Customizable patterns
• Size: 29*50.8mm
• Thickness: 180g

Traditional and Modern Redemption Arcade Tickets

Guangzhou Kingbot  is serving its best as one of the leading arcade tickets manufacturers to design barcoded long arcade tickets that are utilized for maximum control. Like for accuracy, tracking players, accounting, gate admission sales and also provide added security for many other applications. Redemption arcade tickets can also be used at events other than arcade amusements. All the events where a simplified and low-cost substitute for one-time cash is required for weddings, corporate or social events, sports events and parties, long tickets play a crucial role.

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