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Guangzhou Kingbot Animation Technology offers variety of stock & custom brass tokens available in sizes from 0.800 to 1.260, serving as advertisement strategy in applications such as arcade games, parking machines, etc. We ensure quality, on time delivery & reasonable prices in all our custom made brass products. We are the pioneers of custom brass tokens manufacturing. Current invention gives the redemption resembled arcade custom brass tokens game and a token return in which a player either gets award by securing a goal during the game or ultimately receives their money back through awarded tokens. This change and improved method allows the participants to play a game more often having small amount of risk that players can lose their money which they have invested on custom brass tokens that are required to play the game. Receiving nothing in return is most common in games that provide a rich full experience of either game play or virtual reality.

Custom Brass Tokens For Excellent Application:

Kingbot’s outstanding robust range of custom brass tokens are excellent for applications such as Vending, Barrier Control, Launderettes, Car Wash, Tanning Salons and many much similar applications that are utilized extensively on daily basis. Kingbotokens being a leading manufacturer & supplier of custom brass tokens always assures that all our tokens/coins are produced complying high quality standard which meets all your relevant requirements, including personalized images and impressions.

Wide Range of Custom Brass Tokens:

Kingbot offers a wide range of custom brass tokens stock designs to its valuable customers to choose from whereas on other hand in case of customized token requests, the provided impressions and prints for customized logos/designs is confirmed back to you for approval prior to production. Our entire production of custom brass tokens are analyzed by our expert’s panel to ensure that it matches all international quality standards. We using precise measurements and controls throughout the production process. We produce on standard sizes of custom brass tokens used in said applications. We are also capable of producing on customer’s requirement.

Ideal Custom Brass Tokens:

Concerning Red Brass Tokens, Kingbot offers a variety of red custom brass tokens that are designed to work in electronic coin mechanisms. Our red brass tokens have a unique electronic signature that allows very tight token mechanism giving operators greater selectivity over the tokens they accept. They reduce unwanted cross-acceptance of standard custom brass tokens.

Pioneer in Custom Brass Tokens:

Guangzhou Kingbot Animation Technology is the pioneers of custom brass tokens manufacturing. Company plays a vital role in terms of being a role model for other small/medium sized companies operating within China. Our collaborations include some of the top giants from arcade gaming industry, Casinos, play lands, etc. Our valuable customers are constantly obtaining our valuable manufacturing & supplying services all due to our top quality products. Company is capable of manufacturing millions of custom brass tokens per anum that are supplied to some of the top destinations around the globe such as Australia, USA, Germany, Canada, Spain, Sri Lanka, Poland, Greece, etc.

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